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International Day of University Sport: 20 September


The International Day of University Sport (IDUS) will be celebrated annually on 20 September. It is officially endorsed by the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organisation (UNESCO).

Among others, the day aims at confirming the importance of sport in universities and the role of universities in the community as responsible actors for consolidating and developing quality physical and sport education at the service of citizens. Each year on 20 September, thanks to its network of university associations, clubs and partners, FISU will mobilise the academic world. The events will propose leisure sport activities, competitions, discussion workshops and cultural happenings to citizens of all ages.

IDUS falls within the framework of a multidisciplinary educational project insisting on the need for physical and sport education programmes, sports facilities and scientific studies in universities, with the purpose of fostering social inclusion, minorities integration and anti-doping, combating non-communicable diseases and the ongoing development of scientific research in the field of physical education and sport, taking into consideration the acquisition and transfer of knowledge as well as, and above all, social and economic policy at the local, national and international levels.

FISU Member Associations and the countries member of UNESCO are invited to celebrate this day based on tailor-made events according to their culture and specific needs with the focus that sport is not to be taken out of universities and left to the initiative of the private sector because sport must be fully integrated in higher education and research structures, taking its rightful place in multidisciplinary strategies. All the different partners including universities and municipalities will join efforts to also organise the FISU Festival in the heart of their cities.


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